Useful Links

Here you will find a number of links that may help you in your search for puzzles.


Makers of Handmade Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are a list of other makers of handmade jigsaw puzzles. With the exception of The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library, and hence its extension, Firebird Puzzles, I have no affiliations with any of these companies. This is just for your information and comparison. They are listed broadly in order from the less expensive to the more:


Puzzlewood, Denbighshire, Wales, UK:


Jigsaw Shop, Dorset, England, UK:


Firebird Puzzles, Kent, England, UK:


The Puzzled One, California, USA:


Stave Puzzles, Vermont, USA:


Other Organisations of Interest


This is a link to The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library, which has been in existence since 1933 in Kent, England, UK:


Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts An online forum based in the USA for anyone interested in the intricate cutting of wood: