Terms of Business



Above all else, I will make every possible effort to be fair, and will always be completely honest with you.


Jigsaw Puzzles

I guarantee to make your puzzles to the highest standards using quality, satisfying materials. The number of pieces will almost always approximate to the number requested. With the exception of puzzles with very low numbers of pieces, it is not possible to cut a puzzle into an exactly predetermined number of pieces and at the same time keep the puzzle interesting.



Work will be undertaken by me upon receipt of the agreed 50% deposit.



Estimates are provided to you at no obligation or cost, in the currency of the country you are ordering from. They are calculated based on the size of jigsaw puzzle, substrate used (usually, which type of plywood), style and complexity of cut, and number of pieces requested. I will expect to produce the requested number of pieces, + or – 10%, and this will reflect in the estimate. However, if I cut more than 10% over the requested number of pieces, you will not pay for the pieces over and above that extra 10%. For example, if you ask me for 400 pieces, and I cut any number up to 440, you will pay for all the pieces, but if I cut 473 pieces you will only pay for 440 of them.

The cost of the print is seperate to this, plus any costs connected to it.

The cost of packaging and delivery is seperate to this. Once I know what you have ordered from me, I can tell you exactly what the cost of packaging and delivery will be.

 See Pricing guidelines & Information for more details.

I use this Reuters currency converter to get a very good idea of costs in other currencies:




In the Czech Republic payment is by bank transfer or PayPal. Outside of the Czech Republic it is by PayPal. If you have never used PayPal, it is practically the same as a simple online card payment.

If payment is by bank transfer, I will provide you with the necessary details.

If payment is by PayPal, I will email you a request for the agreed amount. You can then pay via this request.



When I have finished the puzzle, where possible, I will send you a web-link to a photograph of it. Then, when I have received the balancing payment to the full amount, the completed jigsaw puzzle will be dispatched to you. The whole jigsaw puzzle remains my property until I have received payment in full.



I deliver the puzzles by insured mail to anywhere in the world that has a postal service! You will find the approximate costs of delivery by insured surface mail under Pricing guidelines & Information Boxes, Packaging, and Delivery. In or near Europe this should be expected to take a week or two. Insured airmail is available at a higher price. The insurance covers the full value of the parcel contents, and is provided under the International Terms and Conditions of Česká pošta (the Czech Post). Their web page “Dokumenty ke stažení” (Documents to download) has a link to this document. The Czech Post website is available also in English, but the document “International Terms and Conditions” is only present in the Czech language. Each country is subject to a maximum insurable limit per parcel.

The Czech Post website:


The Czech Post, Documents to Download’:




As these are special order items, there will not usually be any option for refunds. I will make the puzzle myself, so I have direct and continuous control over its quality, and if I think it is not good enough, I will not send it to you, but instead will make arrangements with you to produce a new puzzle, or to refund your deposit and cancel the order if that is your greater preference. Such a situation will be very rare indeed, so if you make an order with me, expect to receive it as planned!

All puzzles are sent out insured to their full value, so in the event of damage or loss, there will be compensation available according to the International Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post (see above).



If you have any constructive comments about this service or the puzzles or this website, either positive or negative, please feel free to either let me know through the Contact Me / Feedback page, or email me directly.


Anything that bothers you or troubles you.

In the, I hope, very unlikely event that you feel bad about any part of this service, it is very important that you let me know about it. If you have a specific issue, please contact me directly via email. My obligation to you is that you are delighted with this service and your puzzles, so if you are not, I definitely need to know about it, and I will do my very best to set things straight.


Karsten Tomkins.