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If you live in the Czech Republic, or in any country served by PayPal, you can pay for your puzzles easily and conveniently (See Terms of Business - Payment). Here is a link to the very good Reuters Currency Converter so you can quickly get an idea of the prices in your own currency:


Producing a Puzzle

Here are the guidelines of how the puzzles are priced:

Basic charge per puzzle:           400 – 700 CZK           (approx. 16 - 29 EUR;    15 - 25 GBP;     23 - 40 USD)


Cost per puzzle piece:          4 – 7 CZK       (approx. 0.16 - 0.29 EUR;   0.15 - 0.25 GBP;   0.23 - 0.40 USD)


Cost of print.


The Basic Charge for each puzzle varies mainly according to its size, and the possibly the type of wood used. The present choice is 4 mm birch, 4 mm beech, and 5mm poplar plywood. (for information about the choice of woods, see Frequently Asked Questions - What materials do you use...?). The maximum size is around 100cm X 100cm.

The Cost Per Piece depends on the average complexity of the cut. The lowest priced is completely random non-interlocking, going through more following picture-lines non-interlocking, through semi-interlocking, finally fully-interlocking being the highest priced. (see Homepage - Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery for examples of cut styles)

Loose or close-fitting? This is a consideration for interlocking pieces, relating to what kind of handling the puzzle will be subject to. If it will be handled roughly, for example if it will be used by children, I will tend to use the thicker blade so it is looser fitting and not liable to get damaged in rough handling. Otherwise I will tend to use the finer grades of blade.

Once you have decided what kind of cut you would like, and how many pieces, I will give you an estimate of the cost which will include a guaranteed upper limit. With the exception of very small puzzles, it is not possible to predict exactly how many pieces the puzzle will finally have! Generally the number falls within + or – 10% of the intended number. You will not pay for more than 10% over your requested number of pieces. (For more detail see also Terms of Business - Estimates)

Packaging and delivery are separate to these costs, see below.



Primarily, you will choose and provide the print or image for me to make a puzzle from. Almost any type of print can be used, but not anything laminated or plasticised in any way. So there are several possibilities here.

  • Borders

 In all cases, best results will be produced if a border of wastage is allowed around the edge of the print. A perfect excess border around the edge is at least 2 cm in width. When you send me a digital picture, I can have it printed with such a border if necessary. If no border at all is allowed for, there is a danger of slight damage to the edge of the picture. I will discuss edges with you when you enquire with me about your puzzle.

  • Digital prints

If you have your picture in digital form, best results will be produced if you email it to me, and I can get it printed onto paper that is most suited for a puzzle. Normal photographic paper can be used for a puzzle, but it is not the best type.

Here are a couple of examples of costs when you email me a digtal image which I then get printed locally:

Each individual print order has a basic cost of 120 CZK.

The cost of a single A4 size (21cm X 30cm; 8¼ in X 11¾ in) digital print of good quality for a puzzle is 120 CZK + approx. 130 CZK = around 250 CZK total.

The cost of a single A2 size (42cm X 59cm; 16½ in X 23½ in) digital print of good quality for a puzzle is 120 CZK + approx. 190 CZK = around 310 CZK total.

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  • Physical prints

You may send me a print already in your possession, or you may order from a print / poster company and give them my address as the delivery address.

If you send me your own print, please roll it up carefully and send it securely packed in a strong cardboard tube, taking care that the ends are robust enough to resist damage!

I may have in my possession already a number of prints which I could use to make you a puzzle. Some that are not under copyright may be on display on this website in the Gallery - please take a look. If you would like to view any that are under copyright, please email me and I will provide you with a means to view them. I take copyright very seriously, and have no intention of flouting it!

Do I also provide you with a copy of the picture for reference? – See Frequently Asked Questions.

Boxes, Packaging, and Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, I supply your puzzle to you by insured post, safely packaged in a protective bag and padding inside in a modest decorative box wrapped up in brown postal paper. This is to keep your costs down and to guard against any more elaborate packaging being damaged during delivery. By this method, you will have something adequate to store your puzzle in, and if you wish you may choose your own box afterwards according to your taste.

As a guideline, the cost of packing and delivery in this way for a puzzle by insured post in the Czech Republic will be only around 310 CZK

For other countries, for 1 kg (= approx 800 piece puzzle), the price for an insured parcel by surface mail varies from around 340 CZK to 730 CZK. For comparison, to the UK is approximately 600 CZK.

Insured airmail is available at a higher price.

If you are in a position to personally collect your puzzle, this can be arranged.

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