How to Enquire and Order Puzzles

This is how the Enquiry and Order process works....


1) Let your imagination run!

Keep in mind, I will be cutting your puzzle by hand - every piece! There is almost no limit to how each piece can be cut.


2) Email me your ideas

Let me know about what you would like, together with, if it is possible, a digital image of your picture-to-be-a-puzzle, or a link to it so I can view it online. If you can’t get an image of it to me immediately, don’t worry, just describe it to me, including the size of the image and the paper that it is printed on. I have also got available a number of copies of the prints that you find in the Puzzle Gallery (marked Available to order), and I may have some other prints available. If you would like to view these prints, please let me know and I can direct you to them.

I can make puzzles from prints up to around 100cm X 100cm.

I can be reached by phone, but communicating with me by email will be more productive.

In this ultra speeded-up world this part might be difficult – allow me 7 days to reply to you! I will, however, reply to you just as soon as I can.

When I reply, we will be at step 3:


3) Discussion and decision

I will let you know about the possibilities, I will give you my input, and then with as much discussion as you need, we will reach a conclusion. Based on this I will give you an estimate for the cost of the work, together with a guaranteed upper limit, (see Terms of Business - Estimates) and I will give you an idea of how long it will take. I recommend that you order in good time!

The puzzle, as a rule, will not be supplied with an accompanying reference picture, although there may be exceptions to this. Please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Sometimes I will use BEESWAX on the back of the puzzle. If you do not want me to use beeswax, for any reason, please let me know.



4) The Go Ahead

When you decide you are happy for me to go ahead with the puzzle, I will ask you for a 50% deposit on the work, and if I cannot obtain the print directly here, we will make arrangements for one to be sent to me. I have local access here to a quality printing company who can print out digital prints that you email to me. (Prints and posters can also be ordered by you from European businesses to save time and postage for you.) Payment to me can be made conveniently by bank transfer or PayPal if you reside in the Czech Republic, or by PayPal only from other countries. (see Terms of Business - Payment) When I receive the money, I will start work on the puzzle.


5) Done and Dusted!

When the work is finished, I will let you know, and I will send you a web-link to a photograph of the completed puzzle. I will then ask you for the balance of payment, and as soon as it is received, I will dispatch to you your completed jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are supplied to you in modest decorative boxes (more information under Pricing Guidelines & Information - Boxes, Packaging, and Delivery).

Happy puzzling!


6) Your Comments

When you have received your puzzle and tried it out, feel free to send in your comments via the Contact Me / Feedback page

IF YOU AT ANY TIME HAVE A SPECIFIC ISSUE WHICH I NEED TO DEAL WITH, PLEASE EMAIL IT DIRECTLY TO ME, WITH AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE! If you have a fair issue or query with me, I will always respond to you in the fairest possible way. One point to note, in today’s world of highly perfected and automated industry..... I always carry out my work to a very high degree of accuracy. However, do bear in mind that these puzzles are handmade, they are not supposed to be cut as though they came out of a machine. This is part of their “handmadeness”, this is an important part of their charm. If you think you have found a notable imperfection in your puzzle, first please consider this.