About The Company


I am an Englishman living in the Czech Republic, and I discovered this profession through a newsletter that my Mother received from The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library.  It stated that they needed new puzzle-cutters. “Hey,” I thought to myself, “that looks like a good idea!” So I made enquiries, and before the end of 2010 I had started cutting, and by the beginning of 2011 the company was fully up and running.  Quite soon, according to the proprietor of the The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library, David Cooper, I became one of his "valued cutters". You can see puzzles I have cut for him in the Puzzle Gallery. This website was launched in March 2011.

Previous to this I worked in England as a successful self-employed specialist gardener for 12 years, under the name "Gardenwise". So yes, it is quite a change, but the attention to customer service, knowledge, detail, and design, and the ability to run a business, are at the forefront of both professions. In between times I worked as a self-employed English teacher here in the Czech Republic for 18 months.

The fact is that puzzles can be cut in an infinite number of ways. Puzzles don't need to be the standard 2-concave 2 -convex 4-square, straight up, straight across pieces. The pieces can follow the shapes and lines in the picture to any greater or lesser degree, they can have a greater or lesser number of interlocks, the interlocks can be different styles, they can be completely non-interlocking (a creatively made non-interlocking puzzle is arguably the most interesting), they can be any mixture of non-interlocking and interlocking, they can be different sizes, they can follow more or fewer lines in the picture... And so on, and so on!

The purpose of this service is to activate that potential, and put it into a high quality handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle, according to your wishes.



The purpose of this service is to make you bespoke, unique, interesting wooden jigsaw puzzles according to your wishes from prints, posters, or photographs, at reasonable prices.




It works like this... When you decide to enquire with me about making you a puzzle, you tell me what you have in mind, I give you my ideas, we discuss the project together and reach a conclusion, and then I give you a no-obligation estimate of the cost of the job (estimates come with a guarateed upper limit).

It is a broad market out there, although admittedly not easy to find makers of bespoke jigsaw puzzles. So, I am sure you want to compare and contrast comparable services, so I have taken out some of the "legwork" for you - Please feel free to go to Useful Links to broswe some other websites for comparison. My ultimate objective is that you will be a satisfied and happy customer, so I set out to make every effort to achieve this!

I also enjoy this work very much and am enthusiastic about it, which is of course good for me, but more than that I always hope it will be an advantage for you!


Karsten Tomkins.