Copyright & Goodwill

With regard to all and any copyright and goodwill issues in connection with this service and website:

I endeavour to make all possible reasonable efforts to ensure I do not breach any copyrights, nor offend any artists. If anyone believes they have discovered that I have overstepped a copyright restriction, or if any artists find themselves offended, please contact me in good faith. Copyright becomes more complex as time passes, and it may not be possible for me to fully keep up with it, or fully understand it. I may offend an artist, simply because of a difference in opinion over what we consider to be good treatment of their work, but this is not intentional, and I definitely want to avoid this. It is a matter of faith for me to be approachable and reasonable.

If anyone finds a reason to want to use any images, or substantially quote from this website, again please do contact me about this first. I will respond in a positive helpful way, and I will respond as quickly as I possibly can.